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Sun's Out, Skin's Out: Revamp Your Skincare Routine for Sizzling Summer Days!

Season Change, Should My Skincare?


They say,” April showers bring May flowers,” but what happens to our skin when the seasons change? How could your skin and selection of skincare products be affected by the weather?  This month we are discussing what to consider when choosing your products in the changing seasons!


In the winter, we focus on protecting our skin from the cold, dry weather that often leads to itching, cracking of the skin, and even eczema flares.  We emphasize choosing the best moisturizers and household changes to help us get through winter.


More moisture is in the air in the spring and summer, and our skin isn't as dry and irritated. For some of us, this means we may need to look at what we are using on our skin and consider if it is appropriate for the warmer temperatures. Check out our blog “Back to Basics” for tips on choosing products for your skin.


As the seasons change and temperatures rise, adjustments to your skincare routine may be necessary. For instance, if you typically have oily skin in warmer months, it may be wise to switch to a foaming wash instead of the creamy, hydrating wash you use in the winter. Additionally, you may want to rethink applying moisturizer on hot days. Lightweight moisturizers may be a better option. New gel-based moisturizers are on the market to keep you cool while preventing dryness.


This could also apply to acne or anti-aging serums and creams. A helpful tip is to note the condition of your skin in each season. Then make a list of your skincare products. If you find that a product is no longer serving your skin’s needs, make a swap and come back to that product when you need it!


Do I Need Sunscreen?


When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun, the use of sunscreen is a common question. Sunscreen selection and sun safety behaviors depend on our background, family history, medical history, and goals for your skin. I frequently discuss these questions regarding sunscreen use with my patients. Here's a tip if you decide to use sunscreen daily sunscreen application is recommended. Here are some tips for sunscreen use:


•     Use an SPF of at least 30

•     If you are outside for extended hours, in the water, or working out, reapply sunscreen every two hours

•     Apply more than you think you need

•     Try before you buy to avoid having a white cast on the skin

•     If you have hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or melasma, mineral-based or tinted sunscreens work better as part of your treatment plan to lighten these areas

Need help in choosing a sunscreen or have questions about choosing skincare products? Please book a consultation HERE.

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