Get the Skin-E

Get all the SKIN-E on healthy skin care and wellness during this exclusive 1-2 hour workshop with Dr. Aleta Simmons. Not only can she cover skin care issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, and hair & scalp conditions, she can also discuss chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, lupus and eczema, and outline what your skin care routine should look like.  


This interactive fear defying workshop can be beneficial for youth and adults. Dr. Simmons tells her story of risk and reward on her journey to be come a dermatologist. The key to success is conquering all fears and being courageous in pursuit of our goals. In this workshop Dr. Simmons shares how she conquered hers and will inspire you to do the same. 

As an add on to this seminar, she will offer advice to those interested in following her path to become a doctor, give tips for matching into a dermatology residency and more!  


Want to find out how to make an appointment?  Need a mentor? Want to collaborate or book Dr. Simmons for another type of workshop?  Contact her today. 

Other topics can include: 

Diversity & Inclusion 

Health Equity & Equality

Women in Healthcare

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