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Embrace the 

skin you're in.

with Dr. Aleta Simmons


Hi, I’m Dr. Aleta

Board Certified Dermatologist 

As a board certified dermatologist, my passion comes from helping people learn how to care for their skin. When your skin is healthy, you feel better about yourself.

My mission is to encourage you to invest in the health of your hair, skin, and nails by arming you with tips to not only transform your skin, but the other pieces of you that make you truly GLOW.

You have to nourish to flourish. 

-Dr. Aleta

 Get the Skin-E in person. Book Dr. Simmons Now.

A trusted healthcare professional that is driven by purpose. Dr. Simmons’ moral compass is apparent with every interaction as she delivers hope and restores faith with healthcare.

-Ashaayo White


Dr. Simmons is a phenomenal African American dermatologist that shares healthy skin care needs for people of color. She’ll give advice on how you can work to be your best you.

Check her out!

Laurine Tiema-Benson



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